Shane Smith
Meet Shane A. Smith
Shane Smith

Shane A. Smith is a growth-focused financial executive with over 20 years of managerial experience.

Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Shane Smith has developed a successful career in finance with Major American companies.

Shane describes himself as having always been a “numbers guy”, which led him to pursue a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. Later on, Shane went on to complete an MBA degree in finance from Oklahoma City University, while working full-time.

Shane started his career in the automotive industry with Ford Motor Credit, working initially as a Customer Service Representative. Harnessing his talent and perseverance, Shane worked his way up during his 11-year tenure to secure the position of asset manager. Through this position, he took responsibility for a $1.1B portfolio and was twice awarded the President’s Award.

Following his successes with Ford Motor Credit, Shane A. Smith accepted the role of Chief Financial Officer of Reager-Dykes Auto Group in Lubbock, Texas. Over 10 years he managed 225 multidisciplinary staff members and profit-and-loss on revenues of over $780M. Smith formed a vital part of the team at Reager-Dykes, increasing net profit from $136,518 to $9.6M, and transforming the workforce from just 50 full-time employees to over 600.

Shane is now looking to embark on a new challenge wherever that may be. He’s worked for two companies in 22 years of his professional life, and he’s looking for just one more. He will bring with him to his next role a proven track record of success, and his trademarked attitude of determination to match.

Working with Shane Smith

Shane A. Smith carries with him a rigorous, versatile experience as a true powerhouse in finance. In all of his previous roles, he has exceeded in all of his acquisition objectives and financial goals, going above and beyond to spearhead improvements to profitability and efficiency.

Among his colleagues and peers, he is known universally for his persistence and tireless dedication. His co-workers and family describe him as ‘organized to a fault’, and he attributes his continued successes to this meticulous approach to finance.

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